Reasons AdFederal Media should be in your media Plan.
AdFederal Media ensures the campaign objectives of advertisers on adnetwork by targeting the desired internet group, which results into achievement of the campaign goal.
We provide you a rewarding online association to generate digital marketing revenues

  • Branding/Cost-Effective Advertising.

  • We give you all kinds of display advertisements including all sizes and kinds of banner advertisements, pop unders, pop ups, flash banners, layer ads,
    skycrappers, text links, Leaderboards,Text ads,Video Ads,streaming media, interstitials, superstitials etc.

  • Geographic targeting and Behavioral Targeting-Based on specific requirements of the campaign you can target geographic entities such as Countries & States,
    even go further and focus on specific Cities.

  • Time and day targeting: Customer behaviour is analyzed and advertising messages can be delivered on relevant days or times of the day to maximise impact .

  • Frequency Control: We limit the number of impressions from a visitor to a specific ad within a given period of time ensuring even spread of messaging.

  • Click Fraud Management: Weed out fraudulent clicks and pay only for actionable interactions.

  • Campaign Optimization: We have the most responsive account management services & fast, flexible technology for automatic and manual optimization of
  • Transparency: Reporting is accurate and totally transparent, unlike others we give you real time 24/7 access to Impression, click and conversion metrics.

  • categorize inventory into different verticals such as Technology, Finance,Entertainment,News,Education,Games,Travel,Auto,Blogs,E-commerce,Business &
    Finance,Youth,NRI Audiences, Social Networking… and more

  • Comprehensive reporting.

  • Rich Media ads.

  • Freedom to choose Matrix-CPM, CPC,CPL, Video per view

  • Re-targeting